About Jo

Jo picJo Simmons lives in Brighton with her husband Steve and their two children, George and Dylan. They share their home with a dog called Betty and a cat called Pickle (before you ask – no, they don’t get on. Pickle lives upstairs; Betty lives downstairs).

Jo studied English at Warwick University and journalism at Cardiff University. She has been a journalist for a really long time, but the Pip Street children’s books are her first go at fiction.

Jo likes sleeping, running and eating ice cream straight from the pot, though not all at the same time, of course. That would be silly. And impossible.

Steve picAbout Steve

Steve Wells is a designer and illustrator. As a child, he spent all his time drawing cartoons and at weekends he would travel around London looking for interesting books and comics. Now he designs books and book covers for a living – he has illustrated eight books and designed more than a 100 so far. Steve lives in Bath with his wife and three children.