Bags of Books May half term 2016

I will be at Bags of Books, the independent children’s book shop in Lewes, on June 2nd 2016 to talk about Super Loud Sam. Come along for a chat, prizes and a reading.

Super Loud Sam vs Birdman

So it’s May 2016 and Super Loud Sam vs Birdman is now out! On sale! OUT!

Read how Sam tackles a race of super-pigeons, menacing his town. Who is behind these bad birds? Can Sam defeat them with his mega-loud voice? And other important questions.

You can buy Sam’s latest adventure at Waterstones or Amazon or at your local bookshop. And if it isn’t there, get them to order it for you!

Pip Street Goes Global

The Pip Street books have been translated into a whole heap of different languages for lots of different countries, including Brazil, Italy and Turkey, so kids around the world can hang with Bobby, Conkers and Imelda and enjoy some Pip Street shenanigans.


In the Italian versions, Bobby Cobbler is called Robi Calzini and his friend Imelda Small is called Sofia Piccolo! Top stuff!

Here are my favourite versions – from Japan. Banzai!


Super Loud Sam Vs Birdman!

New book alert for spring 2016!!

Super Loud Sam is starring in his own book again, called Super Loud Sam Vs Birdman. It’s out on May 5 2016.

Sam’s home town of Topside is full of pigeons. What s wrong with that? All towns are full of pigeons, right? Yes, but these birds are bigger and meaner than your average crumb pecker and they’re acting strangely, too, upsetting the locals and causing havoc. Can Sam and his faithful chum Nina work out what – or who – is behind these pesky pigeons? And will Sam’s super loud voice be enough to prevent a bad-bird disaster?

It’s good, this one. Honestly!


Meet Super Loud Sam

I have been working on some other stories recently and in May 2015, Super Loud Sam was published. He’s a small boy with a massive voice, who uses his top-volume shouting to take on his no-good teacher, Mrs Sandy Mann. She hates children and noise and most of all, noisy children. Can Sam defeat with his deafening shouts? Can his voice take him from zero to Super Loud hero? Read it to find out!

Pip Street’s brand new look

The Pip Street stories have had a redesign so, from March 5, 2015, they will be on sale looking even more fantastic. The titles have changed and the books are larger, so that they are now the same size as a regular paperback. The covers are fresh and new, too, and feature kind words from fab presenter and comedian, Mel Giedroyc, who has read the books and passed on her support. ‘Utterly charming and delightful’ she reckons, and I don’t want to argue with her! So look out for these zingy editions of Pip Street and don’t worry, the stories inside are just as good as when the books first came out. In fact, they’re exactly the same! No words were harmed in the making of these books, promise…

New review for Crumpety

The Lancashire Evening Post has run a nice review of A Crumpety Calamity as part of a round up of Scholastic’s great new autumn titles.

Best review ever!

Delighted to spy this fabulous review on The Guardian’s Children’s Books website from Emily and Maisy. Check out Maisy’s amazing drawings, too – and she’s only six!

A new review

A Whiskery Mystery gets a nice new review in lovely children’s book magazine Books For Keeps which you can read, too – it’s a click away.