Who’s who

Bobby Cobbler

Address: Number 4 Pip Street

Likes: Thinking, reading, making plans, his cat Conkers, his best friend Imelda, Pip Street, pancakes

‘Oh my sprinkles!’

Felicity Rhubarb

Address: Number 6 Pip Street

Likes: Acting, poetry, cream teas, her cat Coriolanus, hats, holidays to Devon

‘How marvellous’

Great Auntie Mo

Address: Far away Glen Haggis, Scotland

Likes: Using ancient Scottish words, knitting, toffees, wearing a Tartan cape, travelling by train

‘You cannae kivver a crumpet’

Imelda Small

Address: Number 2 Pip Street

Likes: Running fast, jumping, squickling (when you squash someone and tickle them at the same time), dressing up

‘Dripping dingleberry doughnuts!’

Jeff the Chalk

Address: Number 1 Pip Street

Likes: Clean streets, animals, chalking messages instead of speaking, soup (any flavour)

‘Doggie doings will be our ruins!’

Mother Pie

Address: Number 3 Pip Street

Likes: Blinking, her Tartan shopping trolley, dying her hair blue, beige cardigans, marshmallows, more blinking

‘Nobody does a whoopsie on my rug!’

Nathan Small

Address: Number 2 Pip Street

Likes: His brown dressing gown, basketball, toast, sleeping, reaching things off high shelves that no one else can reach

‘I love my dressing gown’

Richard Keiths

Address: Number 8 Pip Street

Likes: Driving very fast on his mobility scooter Pegasus, rock music, salty crisps, Great Auntie Mo, velvet curtains