The Pip Street books

There are four books in the Pip Street series. Here they are, in all their whiskery, crumpety, piggy, brotherly glory...

A Whiskery Mystery

It’s the first Pip Street book – ever. Bobby Cobbler has just moved to the street – hoorah! Except, hang on, as soon as he gets there, his top cat Conkers disappears – booo! Along with all the other cats – double booo! What in the name of frying pans is going on? There’s only one way to find out… Read it!

A Crumpety Calamity

Crumpets. Who likes them? Well, not enough people, as it turns out. No one is buying crumpets, in fact, and that means Bobby’s dad could lose his job at the local crumpet factory and then Bobby’s family would have to move again. Away from Pip Street. Away from Bobby’s best friend Imelda. No, no, it cannot be! It’s a crumpety calamity! Unless Bobby can come up with a plan. Which luckily he can. And that’s enough rhyming for now.

Expect excitement, mystery, toffees, a sneaky new kid living on Pip Street, a crazy competition, one celebrity chef and absolutely loads of crumpets.

A Crumpety Calamity was published on 1 August 2013.

A Piggy Pickle

A plague of power cuts has hit Pip Street, which is bad news for usually brave Bobby Cobbler – he’s scared of the dark!
Can Bobby’s top chum help him beat his fear? Can our two friends restore power to Pip Street? And who – or what – is behind the blackouts?
Grab a torch and get reading!

This is the third book in the Pip Street series, coming out on 6 March 2014.

A Brotherly Bother

It’s the final story in the Pip Street series, and goodness, it’s a cracker! Mr Keiths’ mobility scooter Pegasus has broken down, but that’s not the only bad news for everyone’s favourite high-speed pensioner. His brother Walter has turned up on Pip Street, with evil schemes and a claim to Mr Keiths’ house. Can Bobby and Imelda and all their neighbours help? Or will Walter’s naughty notions win?